Friday, April 25, 2014
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Find The Closest CLEAR WiMAX Tower From Your Location:

This tower locator uses the latest information provided to us by CLEAR. The result will show the distance and bearing to the closest live tower from the address entered. This tower locator is for Austin and San Antonio only at this time, and may not represent towers that recently came online.

You can use this information to give yourself a starting point for finding the best location for your residential modem. For best performance, you should locate the modem at an outer wall, closest to the tower location.

If you are interested in home service, we recommend you have your signal checked at your location before purchasing service.

Live towers in:

Austin - Updated: 10/14/2010
San Antonio - Updated: no new info since 12/04/2009
Houston (New!) - over 650 towers added - Updated: 12/09/2010

Please enter your location below, in the format: address, city, zip

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CLEAR WiMAX 4G Wireless Internet - Tower Locator Compass Rose

If you're a dealer and would like your city's towers added, email your excel file to